New York Post

"And it felt good. I almost never let myself grieve over past hurts, losses and fears about the future — especially not on a random Thursday when I’m usually up to my eyeballs in work assignments. I was surprisingly happy to be sad for the moment.

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Time Out New York

"His vision for the crying industry is ambitious and, honestly, kind of inspiring. Just like how we should have accessible bathrooms everywhere, Villiotti believes, we should also have places where we can actually, genuinely cry. He thinks crying booths should be available in all high-stress environments, particularly in places like airports or Grand Central Station."

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Secret NYC

"If you’ve lived in NYC long enough, you know that there are times where you simply just need to let out a substantial sob. And while literally no one would even bother to steal a second glance at the sight of you letting the waterworks flow, there are definitely better places to cry in NYC than in public."

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