Sob Parlour, a unique and innovative space dedicated to intentional and deliberate crying for unlocking unparalleled health benefits, is pleased to offer SobSessions on both a pop-up and private basis, consisting of:

The Space

Our SobSuites are nestled within established wellness, lifestyle, and cultural hubs, meticulously crafted to evoke emotional access, tranquility, and serenity, offering an oasis of comfort and privacy where you can immerse yourself in a therapeutic environment.

The Sensation

Upon booking or arrival, you will be guided through a questionnaire that expertly matches you with a tailored music setting and a curated set of interactive writing prompts and literature, all designed to resonate with your unique emotional profile.

The Support

Following a SobSession, you are provided access to a carefully curated collection of products and amenities, including caffeine serums, facial rollers, and eye masks, all designed to soothe and rejuvenate post-sob, ensuring you are refreshed and ready to transition back into the rest of your day.